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  • Owner: 555 Associates<br>
Scope: Pointing, Cleaning, Coating, Caulking
    555 City Line Avenue
    (4 pictures)
  • Owner: Princeton University<br>
Engineer: Simpson Gumpertz and Heger<br>
Architects: AnnBeha Architects<br>
Scope: Stucco work
    Carl A. Fields
    (12 pictures)
  • Owner: Rutgers University<br>Engineer: Structural Design Associates<br> Scope: Masonry restoration to existing handicap ramp, install new elevator tower, limestone benches at park
    Elevator Tower: Whitman Center
    (34 pictures)
  • Owner: Princeton University<br> Engineer: Princeton University<br> Scope: Various masonry restoration, including bu not limited to repointing, infills, caulking, brick/stone replacement
    Nassau Hall Chimney Repair
    (8 pictures)
  • Owner: National Federation of the Blind <br> Scope: Cleaning and caulking
    National Federation of the Blind, MD
    (4 pictures)
  • Owner: Pier 5<br> Engineer: PA and Associates<br> Scope: New block planters.
    Pier 5
    (5 pictures)
  • Owner: Rutgers University<br>
Scope: Graffiti cleaning, install stucco back up: Install tiles handmade by Star Program participants.
    PSE&G Camden Tile Wall
    (9 pictures)
  • Owner: Society Hill Towers Owner's Association<br>
Engineer:Philocles Anthopoulos Associates<br>
Scope: Concrete patch repair, coating, caulking
    Society Hill Towers
    (7 pictures)
  • Owner: The Willings<br>
Scope: Cleaning, Coating, Caulking
    The Willings
    (4 pictures)
  • Owner: Bucks County Community College<br> Scope: Restoration to balustrades
    Tyler Hall
    (11 pictures)
  • Owner: Rutgers University<br> Scope: Stone carving
    William Penn Statue
    (6 pictures)