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  • Owner: 511 Associates<br>
Scope: Brick replacement, Anchors, coating
    511 N. Broad
    (8 pictures)
  • Owner: Viking Associates <br />
Architect: O'Donnell & Naccerato <br />
Scope: Horizontal and over head patching, Reinforcing steel repair, crack repair, traffic coatings
    Cherry Hill Parking Garage
    (14 pictures)
  • Owner: Princeton University<br>
Engineer: Applied Engineering and Technology<br>
Scope: Granite panel anchoring, Caulking
    Fine Tower
    (6 pictures)
  • Owner: Rutgers University <br>
Engineer: Joseph B. Callaghan<br>
Scope: Concrete Repair, Railing Restoration
    Rutgers Stadium
    (7 pictures)
  • Owner: White Clay Mill Associates<br> Engineer: Landmark Engineering<br> Scope: Restoration of rubble stone facade on Historic mill, Stucco removal, Stone cleaning, repointing. Complete restoration of brick arches at various window locations
    The Mill at White Clay Creek, DE
    (10 pictures)
  • Owner: Trinity Episcopal Church, Princeton NJ <br>
Engineer: Simpson Gumpertz and Heger
    Trinity Church
    (12 pictures)